February 7, 2017

Voguing is a high energy dance, usually used in a competitive setting, where participates create “highly stylized runway-style poses and affected facial and hand gestures”. This dance style borrows techniques from krumping, break dancing, jazz, and modern dance as well as whatever else the individual performer brings in.



There are considered to be five main elements of Voguing: spins, dips, catwalks, and dove walks:


A spin is a pirouette that lands in a dip.



A dip is a drop to the floor from a standing position on an eight-count beat.”



Dovewalking is walking in a crouched position.



A catwalk is a runway’s model walk.



There is also hands, which refers to the way that a performers draws shapes and lines in the air with their arms.



Voguing originated in the ballroom scene, though it is most commonly recognized for Madonna’s rendition of it in her song, “Vogue”. This dance style originated around the 1980s in Harlem with young gay men in the ball scene. Some of the founders are Martha Graham and Lester Horton, both of whom are classically trained dancers.



The most well-known Voguer is arguably Willi Ninja, who is known by some as the Grandfather of Vogue. Willi was the founder and mother of the House of Ninja, martial arts being an inspiration for his voguing style with its sharp hand movements.


Film a video of you doing a voguing move and email it to mtrish13@gmail.com to be posted below for 20 points. 


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